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We promote your video with targeted YouTube Ads Campaigns. You will get real views, engagement and subscribers.

  • Simply enter link, we do the rest
  • Selected country and language
  • People targeted by interest and keywords
  • Real views only, 100% YouTube terms legal (we use Google itself to advertise!)
  • Also receive engagement (likes, comments) and subscribers

Note: These views do not generate AdSense revenue. Also, you might receive some dislike as the views are real. We can’t control engagement but our targeting settings aim to provide good engagement from interested people.

Why should I promote my video with YouTube Ads?

Because it’s surely the best service if you want to buy YouTube views. And there are two reasons. First, the video is promoted using Google (YouTube), so it is completely legal. Which means no penalty to the channel and no drops, never. Secondly, because they provide the best result in terms of engagement. Engagement means likes, comments and subscribers. Since these views come from YouTube and we will target highly interested people, engagement will be a nice “side effect” that you would never get with fake views.

Why is YouTube Ads Promotion so expensive?

Well, because it uses Google, the official owner of YouTube, and that’s what makes it expensive. Quality is usually more expensive. That being said, our rates are super good considering we are launching, targeting and handling the campaigns on your behalf. Possibly the best on the market out there for YouTube Discovery Ads!

Which kind of YouTube Ad do you use?

Well, we gave you an hint just above! Yes, we use Discovery ads as they are the best for engagement and they have the best quality. In case you don’t know, Discovery Ads means that your video is sponsored in the suggested videos tab while another video is playing, or at the top of the search result when users search for a specific keyword. Some providers, to have it cheaper, use skippable ads automatically played before a video. We do not use those (despite being much cheaper!) because they have worse engagement, worse average watch time and are worth it only if you are promoting a service or your external website. Since all of use just want to get views, likes and subs, using Discovery is the way to go.

trueview 2
Example where Discovery Ads will show up on YouTube. (Top of search result, below or next to a video (suggested videos), or on the homepage feed).


7 reviews for Buy YouTube Ads Promotion

  1. MagiriMagicChannel

    A bit expensive. Something to do just sometimes when the channel needs some view.

  2. alex13810

    After viewsta and few more services I was quite hopeless, especially because the price per 1000 was lower on this one. Yet I received better engagement and retention, so I guess the quality and targeting was even better. You deserve this 5 star!

  3. Arjun

    Sorry this is too much for me, I know youtube ads are the best but you should make them cheaper. Just to be clear I am happy about your other services but this one is too much!

  4. Klaus

    Why do people even complain about the price? If you want cheap views, then go buy fake ones

  5. Maverick82

    The quality is good, the price is ok, one thing is I wish start time was faster so I could boost videos as soon as they were uploaded. But I do understand it is not only on you 🙂

  6. SashaM

    Hi, I am Sasha (order 4210). I am really happy about views but I would really appreciate a discount to extend the campaign. 🙂 Please check my email

  7. Uwe

    Best views ever!!

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