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Get a press release for your YouTube channel. Get 40+ authority news websites talk about your new channel, positively.

  • Professional
  • VIP-Like
  • Give authority and reliability to your channel
  • Lifetime, quality backlinks for your channel
  • Potentially get traffic from those articles

Why buy YouTube channel press release?

Buying a press release can be seen in two ways. The first one, is that it is fancy or, as we like to say, VIP-Like. Because your channel will be featured on several authority news websites (including Google news, NBC, ABC) and you will also get all the links in a report. So you can either share and show-off those links, or people might find them when looking on Google for your website and be like “damn, this is professional stuff”. “this made the news”. But, the other thing, if you are not a fancy person – or even if you are! – is that those links will be lifetime, quality backlinks to your channel that will increase its YouTube authority (rankings) and credibility. And, if you decide to use popular keywords* in the title, you might also receive traffic on YouTube from people reading those articles.

*Now, we know that the previous paragraph might be a bit hilarious for how it was written, but it just wanted to highlight a couple of the main reasons why buying a press release could be a good thing. Regarding using “popular keywords” in the title, this means that you can decide/approve the title of the press release, prior its distribution. But if you allow us to, we will use strategic titles that will probably drive organic traffic.

Buying a YouTube channel press release: what if I change my mind?

Once your press release has been published, it can be edited any time you want, for example if you make any big change to the channel such as the name. In this case, no worries. We will update all the press releases at no additional cost. And if for any very strange reason you want to delete the articles, we can also delete them of course.

How long does it take get the channel’s press release distributed?

Once you place the order, we will study and watch your channel. We will then write a professional post, add some image. The title and some of the content will be picked upon keyword research: this way, as we said, you will also get some traffic over time. This process will take around 1 week. After that, we will show you the draft. If you approve it, within a few days your press releases will be distributed across several news sites. So, to get all the articles published it will take 10-14 days and you will get your report with all links included.


2 reviews for YouTube Channel Press Release

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    Liked the service so far. Will see if it will also help ranking.

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