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Buy 4000 Hours of Watch Time for your YouTube channel and then join the YouTube Partner Program so to monetize your videos. Simple and quick.

  • Get 4000+ hours across different videos
  • Only high retention views
  • Real promotion
  • Lifetime warranty for each single hour delivered
  • Works for monetization
  • 100% YouTube Partner Program approved*

* By purchasing our service, once you reach the 4000 hours mark, your channel will be approved into the YouTube Partner Program at 100% success rate, as long as the videos of your channel meet the YouTube Program guidelines. You can find the guidelines here but, generally speaking, as long as you own the content (i.e. vlog) or you create videos with transformative use (i.e. add voice-over) your channel is good.

Why buy 4000 Hours of Watch Time?

If you have around 4000 hours and want to get monetized, or if you are thinking of purchasing 4000 hours but you want to test how our hours works first, then purchasing 4000 hours of watch time is the perfect solution for you. Even if you need 4000, you can purchase twice the quantity of 2000, and place the second order only once the previous one is completed and you are happy.

Buying hours: what makes this service reliable and safe?

That is a legit question. The hours we deliver are only from aged, logged in accounts and every order is started manually. Also, while delivering hours we do not spam your videos with thousands and thousands of fake views. You will get very little views (in terms of quantity) which get looped and are very high retention. As they say, “quality over quantity” for a service safe and reliable: not one single client (nor the channels we monetize for ourselves) ever had any issue.

How long does it take to reach 2000 Hours?

4000 hours equal to 240,000 minutes. This means that, if you have an average retention of 2 minutes, you need around 120,000 views to get 2000 hours on YouTube. Depending on how big your channel is and how many views it gets every day, it could take just a few days, usually a few months but for many creators even more than one year! But there is another solution, which is to buy 24000 hours of watch time. In this case the process will be a lot faster. In our service, we deliver 4000 hours within 15 days.


11 reviews for Buy 4000 Hours of Watch Time

  1. admin

    Got monetized today! Thank you for the help and tips

  2. admin

    Thank you ❤️

  3. admin

    It took longer than claimed, but they did their job in the end.

  4. admin

    I placed a new order 4000 hours for channel (link removed) but I have not seen any change yet. Kindly check, 4 days have passed!

  5. admin

    Got all my hours now submitted for monetization review. Hopefully all be good. I trust you

  6. admin

    “Congratulations — your YouTube channel, The Weekly Show, has been accepted into the YouTube Partner Program and is now able to monetize on YouTube!”

  7. admin

    I purchased 4000 hours and they all sent me, so nothing to say there. But then my channel was rejected for duplicate content and their support told me that it is normal, because I upload videos against YouTube Program Policy. They told me what to change and said they will refund 50% if my channel will get rejected on my second attempt, but my question is: if my channel’s content was not good for the Partner Program, why did you not tell me before starting the order? Would have been much better! Let’s see how it goes next but you should tell people if their channel content is not good.

  8. admin

    Top job!! High retention views only, a nice surprise!

  9. admin

    I purchased three times this service for my channels, and they have always delivered the hours with a timely and good support. Thanks to your team and to Jake, Alicia for their help.

  10. admin

    Worked 😉

  11. admin

    Positive experience.

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