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Safe Strategies

No risk for your channel or videos. Our marketing strategies are tested and 100% safe.

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Real Users

Our campaigns include real traffic and your videos will be shared on multiple social media platforms.

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High Retention

To make it better, we deliver on your channel high retention views - that will increase your channel and video ranking.

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Monetization Guarantee

* If we decide to work with your channel, your monetization will be approved. And if for any reason you don't, get 50% of your money back.

Reaching 4000 hours takes too long?

We help you to get there and start making money on YouTube

We have been there too. On a new channel, reaching 4000 hours could take a lot of time. And it could also become demotivating when after months or years the 4000 have not been reached yet.

New Start

But now, you can reach 4000 hours in 1 week at most and enable channel monetization. You can start making money, be more motivated and have a professional channel with new features. And the best thing is that our marketing campaigns will not simply boost your watch hours, but also the ranking of your channel.

Campaign’s Pillars

We proudly have excellent quality campaigns. Our marketing campaign includes high retention views, real views, likes, social media promotion and shares, backlinks…with a lifetime guarantee. Also we deliver less views, but with higher retention, which is healthy for the channel.

Goes without saying that our watch hours are 100% safe, and you will boost your channel and get monetized with no risk for your channel or videos.

Ready to get started?

Expect top quality boost of your watch time with a guarantee 🚀

We are a marketing agency focusing on SEO and Social Media Marketing, a young and passionate team based across Germany, UK and India.

We don’t work with all channels, especially if we believe that a channel wouldn’t pass the human monetization review. But when we do, all of our clients reach 4000 hours through top quality watch hours campaign and get their channel to the next level. They get it monetized. 

Channel boost and guaranteed success rate. Simple as that.

And if you really do not get accepted, you get 50% of your money back!

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6 Things You Should Know

about https://youtube4000hours.com service (main YouTube watch hours provider)

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100% Safe

With us zero risk for your channel or video to get removed. Natural campaigns that pass monetization review.

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100% Monetized

As long as your channel meets YouTube Partner Program criteria, once you reach 4000 hours you get monetized 100%. No unpleasant surprises or wasted money.

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Lifetime Guaranteed

If you did some YouTube marketing before, you know that "drop" is a common issue. Not with us but - just in case - you have a lifetime guarantee. Yes, lifetime.

Real promotion

Your channel will receive real promotion on social media and real views from native ads too - which YouTube loves - since they bring visitors to YT from external sites.

SEO Boost

For each channel we make quality backlink campaigns - the same we do for our SEO clients - which have been proved to be highly effective. Since we are talking about videos, we will also do embed campaigns.

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Best of the best

If your only goal is to simply boost watch hours, maybe with low quality campaigns, then this is not the right place. Our campaigns are complete and provide a channel boost in rankings too.

"More Watch Time, More Views, More Ranking, and a Monetized Channel!"

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