Answering Frequent Questions (FAQ)

You might have noticed this is not that usual YouTube watch hours campaign, where they simply send thousands of botted views on your videos. Now here is the thing: You might get your channel monetized this way too – if human review doesn’t detect fake engagement – but these views will harm the health and raking of your channel and, even worse, they could lead to YouTube shadow ban. Which basically means YouTube ignoring your channel and not giving you organic traffic such as views from home or suggested videos. Our campaign is totally different. Bots usage is reduced to the bare minimum and the campaign will increase authority of your channel in a healthy and natural way, which results in monetization…and growth, rather than harm!

This depends on the amount of hours you purchase. 1000 hours should not take more than 5 days. The 4000 hours package can take up to 3 weeks maximum. (usually 10-14 days).

It is a legit concern but we can surely say that yes, it is. We use safe strategies that include real traffic. We used this service hundread’s of times and clients never had any problem. 100% safe 🙂

We start the campaign slowly and gradually and and around the third day since your purchase, we start sending the “big hours”. By the way, please consider that YouTube monetization tab watch time counter is not live: it updates 2-3 days later.

If your channel gest monetized after reaching 4000 hours, it depends on your content. Since we refund orders from channels that do not have “monetizable” content, pretty much all the channels that we get to 4000 hours get approved. If a channel has “borderline” content, we notify the customer prior to start the campaign or tell him what to change to pass the review once he reached 4000 hours and prior to ask for a review.

If you upload gameplays with voice-over, vlog or original creations, you are good to go. If you are not sure, send us a e-mail with your channel’s link. Sometimes channels are bordeline and we help owners to do some smart changes to make it fully monetizable.

When starting your order, we use the best speed to finish the order, based on our experience. However, if you want to receive the hours more slowly, let us know. 

When you place an order, as you might see, you have just to insert a link to your channel: we will then check the channel out and pick the best videos for the watch time campaign. But if you like, you can link us up to two video where you want us to send hours, as long as they are at least 3 minutes long and with original content.

Usually, people struggle with hours and 4000 hours is a much more difficult target to reach, so our watch hours package includes hours only. Buy if your channel is quite new and you also need to reach 1000 subscribers, we got you covered! We have our own pool of subscribers that work for monetization. Click here to visit the product or navigate the menu.

4000 hours, if we exlude the time we spend sleeping, equal to more than 220 days. As you can imagine, is impossible to get (force) real humans to watch your videos for such a long time. But this is not your usual company with thousands of botted views. We actually do send real watch hours that come from users using our watch our exchange websites and we also set residential IP’s to watch your video on loop. In a way these might be considered bots, because nobody will actually be in front of your videos watching them on loop, but it’s the best and most amazing strategy out there. This allows to deliver super high retention views to increase channel’s authority and the same time avoid to send thousands of crappy botted views.
Too long to read: Some are real from our exhange platforms, other are looped views from residential IP’s with logged in accounts.

As the previous answer stated, some of the views come from watch hours exchange. Other real views you will receive come from targeted advertising on external websites (a formula that includes native ads). At the end of the campaign, you will also receive a free bonus for 2k YouTube Adwords views if you buy the 4000 hours package. If you want real and high performance YouTube views, you can also buy our YouTube Ads Views and run them while we run your watch hours order. Don’t worry, they won’t “steal” anything from your watch hours campaign, since Ads views do NOT count toward watch time!

To make the campaign more natural and increase ranking of your channel/videos, we deliver real social shares on all of your videos, up to 10 videos. This means your channel will receive more than 100 real shares on our social media’s network. YouTube loves shares, since they bring traffic from external platforms and show that users loved a video so much that they decided to share it. Read a more detailed explanation on why YouTube LOVES Facebook shares here, with some case study.

While sending hours – to boost authority – we do an high quality backlink campaign for your channel. As for websites, backlinks have proven to be effective on YouTube channels too. Our links are natural and include manually written articles about your channel on our partner blogs. You will receive the links in the report, and you will love them. This is a service that we use successfully with our SEO clients and it’s added as a bonus in your watch hours campaign. And if you wanna take things to the next level, you should have a look at our YouTube Channel’s Press Release service!

You can pay with credit and debit cards. If you would like to pay via cryptocurrencies, let us know and we will send you a invoice.

We offer discounts for bulk orders or to resellers. If interested, e-mail us at business@youtube4000hours.com

If for any reason we are unable to provide the amount of hours you purchased, you will get a refund.