By purchasing YouTube4000Hours’ service, you indicate your acceptance of this agreement and its terms and conditions. In accessing and using the services of YouTube4000Hours.com, you commit to all terms and conditions set in this Terms and Conditions Agreement. The current revision date of the Terms of Use Agreement is listed at the bottom of the page.

Watch hours count

When sending watch hours we keep our own counter, but clients should consider that some of the views are real (hence not trackable) and, most importantly, we do not have access to our clients’ YouTube analytics. It may happen that you receive less hours than purchased, this because once again, we do not have access to YouTube analytics. In case this happens, you simply have to contact us and provide a screenshot of the watch hours your channel received so far and we will complete the order.

Money-back Guarantee

YouTube4000Hours offers its customers the option to refund their money if a customer’s needs are not met, within 30 days of purchase or if we fail to deliver the full amount of hours the customer purchased (or any other service such as subscribers or Ads views). In this case, customers are entitled to a partial or full refund, depending on the percentage of the service which has been delivered.

Refund if a channel gets rejected

When a YouTube channel gets rejected, the creator can send a new request for review after just 30 days. So, when this happens and a channel gets rejected, we will give the channel owner advice based on our experience to what changes to make, in order to get monetized the second time. If – even on the second time – the channel gets rejected by YouTube, the client is entitled to a 75% refund no questions asked.

This means that the refund can be asked only after the channel gets rejected for the second time, which is still around 45 days since you purchase our services.

We decided to refund clients only after the second rejection because sometimes YouTube – for no reason at all – rejects channels which content is totally fine! And based on our experience, when this happens the channel gets approved 99% of times on the second try, and the same goes for many “borderline” channels who follow our advice. Hence, a refund after the second rejection protects our service and our economics while keeping the client protected no matter what: you either get monetized just 30 days later with our help, or you get your money back at that point.


YouTube4000Hours offers a lifetime guarantee for all of its services, meaning that the amount of hours/subscribers/views purchased, in case of any drop, will be refilled for free.

Please note that we keep track and store data for any order, so do not ask for refills with false claims just to get extra subscribers or views for free. Such behavior may result in a ban from our website, since we expect our clients to be transparent and respectful toward us in the same way we are towards them.

Respect our staff

If the previous scenario happens, or if our clients have rude and offensive behavior toward our support staff, we may at our own discretion block users from doing future purchases on our website, meaning that they can no longer purchase our services. Our company has regards for its employees and we do not tolerate offensive behaviors toward them. Respect comes before any economical profit.

“Kindness can make a bad day good, and a good day better”

Latest update: 12th of may, 2021.